200X Product Catalog: Pre-Sales begin Today!

I am proud to announce that on June 1st my second published book, titled The 200X Product Catalog, will be released as a *limited edition* of 50 copies!

As a promotion, if you order & pay for your book before June 1st there will be NO shipping charges added to the cost.  This promotion is only for orders within the United States, but as a way of saying “thank you” to all of my international fans, the cost of shipping is HALF PRICE if you order before June 1st.

Please see the attached PDF for a sample of what you will get when you buy The 200X Product Catalog. I’ve also posted my Artist Statement at the end of this email for your enjoyment.

Thank you for all your support.


Logan Zawacki
Author/artist of The Excavation of Mushroom Island and The 200X Product Catalog

“In 1987, Capcom debuted the hit video game Mega Man to the United States. The game featured a motley crew of robots designed to increase productivity and decrease human involvement on construction sites and other industrial jobs. My series pays homage to Mega Man by creating blueprints inspired by the characters from the video game franchise and displaying them in the same vernacular as a common product catalog. Each character reflects the current trend in the world’s economy that employees are expendable and machines are expected to be multifunctional. The inclusion of statistics and facts with each character further enhances the propaganda-filled experience with a clearly Pro-cyborg agenda. The main goal of my series is to make people think about the current state of the economy as well as the future state of industry. If companies begin experimenting with mechanical enhancements on people, will they then own those people as an investment? Can they sell and control these mechanized people like products? At what point does an employee become a machine? Or are all my references to man-machines simply metaphors for the way we’re already treated, due in large part to the current state of our economy?
– Logan Zawacki © 2010


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